Fighting for a Free Arizona

We need a strong, secure border to keep our communities and neighborhoods safe. Our wishy-washy failing leaders have left our border wide open for drug and human trafficking. The Biden administration – and so many other “leaders” – failure to address the surge at our border has made it infinitely worse.

Don’t get me wrong – we want people to come to this country. Our country was founded on immigrants; my grandparents were immigrants. But that’s not what we’re seeing today.

We don’t have a country without a border. Simply put, we need appropriate funding to finish a border wall and better security and surveillance.

As your Senator, I will increase funding for our law enforcement so they can uphold the rule of law. But even if we secure Arizona’s border, illegal migrants will simply come through other states. We need better coordination with the federal government and a cohesive multi-state strategy for border security. Lastly, the legal process needs to be improved to incentivize legal immigration over illegal border crossings.

I will fight to keep crime out of our neighborhoods, and get drugs out of the hands of vulnerable Arizonans. I will also increase funding for our law enforcement so they can uphold the rule of law. It’s long past time for our state to act and defend our sovereignty.

The great Arizona economic comeback is here. But we need to ensure that our small businesses reopen and stay open, protecting them from unconstitutional lockdowns and tyrannical vaccine mandates. Our economic recovery and growth depends on a low-tax and low regulatory environment. I will fight for you and your business.

As your Senator, I will work to keep taxes low, cut burdensome regulation, and protect our small businesses from government interference and unconstitutional mandates.

Education is near and dear to my heart – and the front battle line today in the fight for America. As a public school mom, I know firsthand that we need to ensure every student has access to high-quality education options that best fit their needs, prepares them for the future, and doesn’t indoctrinate our children. But in the best school in our district, only 55% of our students are passing preparedness tests. And in the city of Scottsdale broadly, only 19% are passing. Additionally, the ever-changing policies around masks and quarantine are breaking up kids’ educations and aren’t practical for families. Enough is enough.

As your Senator, I will fight for expanded access to school options and stop the mandate madness. We will expand high-quality education options to all Arizonans to ensure every family finds a school that’s right for them. I will be a fierce advocate for parents and demand transparency from our school boards, ensuring every dollar is accounted for.

Obamacare destroyed the healthcare system, and out-of-pocket costs have skyrocketed. We need to bring down healthcare costs, provide more insurance options, demand pricing transparency, and let Arizonans make their own choices when it comes to their health care needs. I know this industry inside and out. It’s broken and government interventions aren’t helping prices come down or quality to go up.

As your Senator, I will work to reduce healthcare costs by expanding access to more affordable options and demanding pricing transparency from insurance providers.

Life begins in the womb. Period. As a woman of faith and mother of five — including a son born prematurely — I know that life begins at conception. We need to ensure expecting mothers have a strong support system and access to resources during their pregnancy. We need to promote alternatives to abortion and pursue serious reform of our adoption agencies and foster care system. 

As your Senator, I will defend the preborn and the right to life. I will work to promote alternatives to abortion and provide resources to expecting families to ensure they are getting the help they need.

We need to safeguard our elections against those who seek to undermine the process and cheat the system. The audit identified flaws and weaknesses in our system. It’s up to us to correct them and earn your trust. As your Senator, I will advocate for election integrity and ensure that our elections are secure against fraud.

As your Senator, I will work to close all the loopholes in our elections to safeguard our votes against fraud and malicious actors. I will also ensure that our elections are conducted fairly and honestly, without money from special or corporate interests seeking to undermine our institutions.