The Left wants you to sign the right to life away

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Leftists really can’t help themselves. We are on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade and finally having the chance to protect the vulnerable in Arizona, and their response? To add the “right” to an abortion to the Arizona Constitution.

The new ballot initiative out of Tucson is being sprung by liberal activists, calling themselves “Arizonans for Reproductive Rights,” to pass a constitutional amendment and codify the right to an abortion — up to 40 weeks for any reason. And their plan to win? To trick you by getting you to sign their petition.

In order for their scheme to become a constitutional amendment, first they have to gather over 300,000 signatures by July 7th to get on the ballot. Then, Arizona voters will have a chance to approve the measure by a simple majority in November. Help me stop the initiative right in its tracks – join me, #DeclineToSign!

Be wary of all petitions you encounter this election season. Most aren’t honest about what they want to accomplish. Just like this one, which says it’s a “right to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy.” Really, it is just fancy language for abortion up to 40 weeks.

And here’s the truth about abortion. All of my kids were born before full term, and grew up to be people just like you and me. Yet, we’re being told that our babies are not human beings until 40 weeks have passed. The idea of allowing abortion until birth is murder, and my children are living proof that these babies are people.

Help me get the word out about this initiative by posting on social media and encouraging others to #DeclineToSign!