[Must Read] Election Integrity Update

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It’s critical to the 2022 Red Wave that we dispel the rumor aimed at America First voters that “our elections are going to be stolen again because nothing has changed since 2020.”

Wherever this rumor came from, it can only hurt us—the People and Patriots of Arizona.  The radical Left wants conservative voters to believe 2022 will be 2020 all over again, because the truth is we have made some changes, although much more is needed. Though the Left is running out of tools, they’re benefitting from this lie to discourage us from making our voice heard.

Still concerned about their lie? Look for yourself and see what Arizona has done since 2020:

  • HB2492 — Strengthens identification requirements for registration
  • SB1008 — Triggers recounts and voting audits at a lower threshold
  • SB1477 — Ensures the Secretary of State (SOS) has everything they need to remove felons from the voting rolls.
  • HB2237 — Prohibits same-day voter registration
  • HB2236 — Stops automatic voter registrations
  • HB2703 — Requires the SOS to maintain the online signature portal
  • HB2569 — Zuckerbucks banned

The reality is that the more we vote, the more the Left has to cheat to win—and thanks to the few patriots we do have at the Capitol, it’s getting harder and harder to cheat everyday. In fact, one of the most important ballot measures Arizona has put forward in a long time will be on this year’s ballot. The Arizonans for Voter ID Act (SCR1012) will be put before you this November. It will require everyone to present solid identification in order to vote in elections. It’s critical we rally and get this Act passed. Vote YES this November for the Arizonans for Voter ID Act!

My own experience as a poll watcher and a Precinct Committeeman has opened my eyes to how fragile our democracy truly is. If we don’t fight and win today, there won’t be anything left to fight for tomorrow.

2000 Mules was an eye opening and shocking presentation of election fraud in Arizona. We have the technology to trace illegal ballot harvesting at such a high level. It can’t be ignored. As your next State Senator, I will fight for the State of Arizona to investigate and prosecute this scheme relentlessly. It’s a shame this critical information had to come through private parties and our own investigative processes didn’t uncover it!

But the cracks in the Left’s scheme are beginning to show. Did you see that a ballot harvester from Yuma (a former mayor, school board member, and Democrat operative) pled guilty to ballot manipulation and harvesting? We need more America First and For The People candidates at the Capitol catching these fraudsters.

The current administration didn’t even consider ballot harvesting in their Senate audit. If we are going to protect our elections, we need to chip in. I began this campaign for Arizona in 2020 when, as a poll watcher, I saw firsthand how vulnerable our state’s elections really are. Being a poll watcher is a patriotic and affirming contribution for our country and state that anyone can make. I recommend you volunteer to become a poll watcher! You can click here to learn more.